img_nakadai-kohunHistorical site is visited.
There are 2 historical sites in Yokoshiba Hikari-machi, and it’ll be a national designation historical site “Nakadai ancient burial mound group” and a town designation historical site “Narita-san principal image Fudo landing yukichi”. “Nakadai ancient burial mound group” will be the biggest ancient burial mound group in the Sanbu area. How about touching a something of history?
img_kiraigoEnjoy a traditional entertainmen
National designation important intangible folk cultural properties “Kiraigo” and town designation intangible folk cultural properties “Miyauchi Kumano-jinja Shinto music and dance numbers” can enjoy four companies of shrine Shinto music and dance numbers and 4 traditional entertainment of Nakadai ladder lion the respective seasons. “Demon coming to meet the dead” will be the only classic hellish play (Buddhist play) nationwide.
img_sakata-ikeEnjoyment spot of cherry tree and plum
Plum can enjoy a cherry tree at a Hikari sports park and a contact Sakata pond park at Sakata ruin of a castle. Sakata ruin of a castle becomes so clean at the place in bloom that a plum festival is performed every year at Bairin of the maximum level in the prefecture.
kanko_04teraSeven Gods of Good Luck on a beach
The 7 temples and shrines where it’s in Yokoshiba Hikari-machi, Sanbu city, Kujukuri-machi, Oami-shirasato city, Shirako-machi, Chosei-mura and Ichinomiya-cho respectively are divided, and God of Seven Gods of Good Luck is here. The landmark and the ruin are also many around the route of the tour of Seven Gods of Good Luck, and it’s possible to enjoy itself together with local specialties and the tour of sake brewing.

Experience it and enjoy myself

img_treasure-surftreasure surf
Price: The first time of 7000 yen (excluding tax)
Required time: 3-4 hours
Tel: 0479-82-0210
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Yokoshiba 1495
The surfing shop and the school in Yokoshiba Hikari-machi. The shop is fully equipped with a free parking lot in the site in location of about 3 minutes on foot from JR Yokoshiba station, so the surfer’s person who can come by car is relieved, too. You can choose from 2 courses of “experience course” and “regular course”. I move to a sea by exclusive car after it’s changed in a store after arrival. More than 1 hour starts from a warm-up in land and can enjoy a lesson at a sea much.
※ After making a reservation beforehand, please use it.
img_yugenglassYUGEN GLASS
Price: 3240 yen (1 person and 1)
Required time : 20-30 minutes
Tel: 0479-82-1379
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Yagata 5058-14
You can blow by the glass atelier near the mansion coast and enjoy a glass experience.
The shape that one would like to make origin the basic shape of the glass and the vase can be decided. When I’d like to color, it can be chosen from some colored glass more than 20 colors. A staff supports it tightly, so even a beginner can enjoy himself surely.
A delivery of a work is after the next day. The shipping off is also possible by cash on delivery.
Please be sure to come after I make your reservation.

historical site is visited

img_nakadai-kohunNakadai ancient burial mound group
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Nakadai 1460
I possess an ancient Japanese tomb of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage of 2 sets, Tonozuka of the full length 88m who becomes biggest and a Himezuka of the full length 58.5m in the Sanbu area by a made ancient Japanese tomb of a circular shape with a rectangular frontage in the tumulus period. A person clay figure army was unearthed and was paid much attention a lot from a princess hillock by research excavation in 1956. The two ancient burial mounds were designated as a national designation ruin in 1958.

img_naritasan-jourikunochiNarita-san principal image Fudo landing yukichi

To calm Tairano Masakado’s revolt down in A.D. 939, Hiroshi morning archbishop kept hou up and landed in Yokoshiba Odare, Hikari-machi oldest child Ipponsugi coast from a port in Naniwa. Hiroshi morning archbishop built a holy fire platform in Kimitsu KE field (Narita-shi) and learned holy fire prayer on the 21st more than this, and that a revolt was suppressed on a day of fulfilment of a vow, it’s recorded on “the Narita-san big origin” etc.. It was designated as a town designation ruin in 1998.

Enjoy a traditional entertainment

Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Musho 483
It’s designated as national important intangible folk cultural properties in 1976, and it’s the only classic hellish play (Buddhist play) at the whole country handed by Mushiyuu’s demon coming to meet the dead preservation meeting down from generation to generation. It’s performed at Kousai temple on 、 every year August 16, the tile, the iron pot insertion and the death by which the contents are a big opening and a dice, from of a mountain consists of four steps which solve the cause and effect which is Buddhist telling and economy of rewarding good and punishing evil. When I have the hag who bustles with many visitors and appears by a plot every year hold a baby, it’s said that they grow up healthily.
imgkumanojinja-kaguraMiyauchi Kumano-jinja Shinto music and dance numbers
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Miyagawa 2327
The Shinto music and dance numbers transmitted to Kumanojinja is called Daidai-Kagura and is performed from Edo latter period. You have singing of 13 seats, 12 dances and 6 songs, are praying safety of farming, productiveness of grains and fishing agricultural development and designate it as intangible folk cultural properties in the town.
Shisya shrine Shinto music and dance numbers
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Yakata 921
This Shinto music and dance numbers pulled the genealogy of the Iwato Kagura and there were Iwato, seeding and a number for Tasuki, and prayed productiveness of grains.
Nakadai ladder lion

A lion dance of good harvest prayer and wind disaster harm is offered up to a wind festival for 210 days every year at a precinct in Omiya shrine. 7 half space of a tatami mat stood against a topknot (13.5m) is danced heroically on the thing big ladder.

Enjoyment spot of cherry tree and plum

img_sakata-ikeContact Sakataike park
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Sakataike 1-1
Business hours: 9: 00~21: 30
Holiday: The next day in Monday, a holiday and a substitute holiday (walk freedom)
The green which spreads centering on Sakataike is an abundant park, and its size takes pride in its total area 21ha. A cherry tree beyond 40,000 and a tree of an azalea are planted, and bird watching is also a popular walk spot through the four seasons which can be enjoyed. Facilities in a stadium, a tennis court and athletic stadium are also enriched.
img_hikari-sports-parkHikari sports park
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Shinamoto 4850-3
Business hours: 9: 00~19: 00
Holiday: The next day in Monday, a holiday and a substitute holiday
There are a stadium, a lawn square, an athletic square playground equipment of a climbing rope climbing equals and an elf square where a small child can play at the park where you can play using hills, and it’s also a popular place in with children. A cherry tree of more than 200 Someiyoshino cherry trees planted in an esplanade blooms, and spring bustles with a flower viewing visitor.

img_ume-festivalSakata ruin of a castle

Even the prefecture you can tell that Mr. Ida who was ruling the circumference in warlike ages built Sakata ruin of a castle was an outstanding large-scale medieval castle. An earthwork and Karahori are also left in whole forest on the plateau at present, and it’s possible to see a huge earthwork and wide Karahori while walking along an esplanade. Umebayashi who grew in the Sakata ruin of a castle is Umebayashi of the maximum level in the prefecture, and more than 1000 big trees which make the pure white flower made dignified bloom are highlights. This Umebayashi isn’t for appreciation and the point that the farmer is growing it for shipment of plum is the feature. A plum festival is also performed at the end of March from the end of February.

Seven Gods of Good Luck on a beach

img_hamanoshichifukujinAbout Seven Gods of Good Luck on a beach.
When belief of Seven Gods of Good Luck has started, you guess agriculture and fishing to have been a center and have become established in an area as a god in a sea by a farmer of belief and fishermen. The landmark and the ruin are also many around the places by the edge of Ino Tadataka and Sachio Ito and the route of the tour of Seven Gods of Good Luck, and it’s possible to enjoy itself as local specialties and the tour of making alcoholic beverages.
A stamp rally is being conducted in a shrine and a temple of 7 following at the beginning of May from the beginning of March. There is also an award by lot, so please participate by all means.



Sisha-jinja Shrine
Address: Yokoshibahikari Town Yagata 921
Yokoshibahikari Town tourist association
Tel: 0479-84-1215


About Shisya-jinja Shirine
Koyasu shrine, Mitsumine shrine and Sengensha are enshrined together by building in 1688, a historical origin and a precinct. Satokagura ritual dance is offered up to a galay on 3rd Sunday of January, and “purifying service of Shinto by sprinkling boiled water with bamboo leaves in it Shinto ritual” is held, and safety in the village and a treasury-shaped are prayed.
An incarnation of Maitreya-bodhisattva, a historical origin, Shoumon Raifuku and a married couple, it’s perfect and is believed in as child’s god.


Gosho-jinja Shrine
Address: Sanmu City Hasunuma I 1904
NPO corporation Sanmu City tourist association
Tel: 0475-82-2071



Yougyouji Temple
Address: Oamishirasato City Shitengi-kou 1342
Oamishirasato city tourist association
Tel: 0475-70-0356



Seitaiji Temple
Address: Chosei village miyanari 373-1
Chosei village tourist association
Tel: 0475-32-2114



Yasaka-jinja Shrine
Address: Kujukuri town katagai 3882-7
Kujukuri town tourist association
Tel: 0475-70-3177



Shinkoji Temple
Address: Shirako city Sorigane 193
Shirako city tourist association
Tel: 0475-33-2117



Kanmyoji Temple
Address: Ichinomiya city Ichinomiya 316
Ichinomiya city tourist association
Tel: 0475-42-1425