img_yokopi-chokubaijo01 Agricultural produce direct sales place
You can buy the local specialties abundant in variety of a crop and an artifact reasonably from 4 places sold directly.
img_yokopi-nousanbutsu01The local specialties enjoyed at a place sold directly
The “Hikari leek” by which the part where the sweetness is white much is also much. The sugar rusk made with 100% milkpan “YOKOPI heart-shaped rusk”. Good rice made in Chiba-ken and the high-quality “local brand of sake” brewed for water will introduce a gift Yokoshiba Hikari Town.

Agricultural produce direct sales place by Yokoshiba Hikari Town

souvenir_01hikari-tyokubaijo icon_01hikari Hikari-Chokubaijo
Address:Yokoshibahikari Town Sibasaki 2357-2
Business hours:9:30~18:00
Closed:Open throughout the year.
souvenir_02tyokubaijo-nanohana icon_02nanohanaChokubaijo Nanohana
Address:Yokoshibahikari Town Uehara 368-2
Business hours:10:00~18:00(Winter~17:30)
Closed:Open throughout the year.
souvenir_03minori-farm_tyokubaijo icon_03minori Minori Nojo Chokubaijo
Address:Yokoshibahikari Miyagawa Town2501-10
Business hours:9:30~19:00
souvenir_04shimizu-no-village icon_04shimizu Shimizu no sato
Address:Yokoshibahikari Town Kitashimizu 341
Business hours:7:00~11:30
Closed:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

The local specialties enjoyed at a place sold directly

YOKOPI heart-shaped rusk icon_01hikari
The heart-shaped sugar rusk made with 100% milkpan. An illustration of YOKOPI of the Yokoshiba Hikari-machi mascot character is also included.
Strawberry icon_01hikari
Strawberry of Benihoppe, Yayoihime, Fusaotome colors a storefront in early spring. Everything is deep red and is superficial strawberry.
Welsh onion with a mud icon_01hikari icon_03minori icon_04shimizu
The “Hikari leek” 30 cm of white part is. The freshness with a mud is kept, and there is also much sweetness.
Fermented soybean paste bean jam bun icon_04shimizu
The “fermented soybean paste bean jam bun” which built homemade fermented soybean paste up, wrapped bean jam in crowded fabric and steamed. Sweetness of the bean jam and faint saltiness of fermented soybean paste are good one.
Salt from Kujukuri Hikari icon_01hikari
Salt of the mellow taste which boiled seawater down by cold vapor.
The egg which has been just produced icon_01hikari
The egg the chicken fed on traditional private mixed feed has just produced.
Sakata’s pickled plum icon_01hikari icon_03minori
The large pickled plum which dried and pickled maturity plum by the sun.
Sake icon_01hikari
The good rice made in Chiba-ken and the sake brewed for water are so high-quality that I’m surprised. Local brand of sake of a sake brewing pride is “Honjozo Sasamidori” “unblended malt whisky” “Koukimai” etc..
The round clam sake brewing doing sake brewing made from home-grown America in the Sasamoto area called a place by the good water traditionally.”Hikarionimai” where I compared to folk art “Kiraigo” and was named is pure rice wine of a simple lip of the cup. It’s loved as the sake of a superior brand which represents a town.